Bettersoul is the conscious brand and location global discovery platform for worldwide conscious consumers.

Our mission is to foster a community that encourages the discovery of thoughtful brands that are better for the world and better for your soul. We help you curate a lifestyle experience around positive values.

We conduct in-depth research of consumer brands that deliver positive social and environmental impact on this world and introduce these brands to global conscious consumers through our platform. We are a team of sustainability professionals with knowledge and practical experience in the field.

We go beyond price, color, and how it looks, allowing customers to learn about brands' missions, stories, and impact. We aim to bring a story-telling narrative online retail experience with a nudge of professional impact analysis.

Conscious brands inspire conscious consumers, and conscious consumers inspire conscious brands.

We promise to be at the forefront of this movement to make this world and your life a bit better than before. We truly hope you find hope, love and healing through Bettersoul.

With Love,
BetterSoul Team