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Barnana is on a mission to eliminate food waste by upcycling imperfect bananas into organic, healthy snacks.

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50% of all bananas go to waste. Barnana upcycles bananas that would have gone to waste and turn them into delicious snacks. Barnana eliminates food waste in organic banana farms by upcycling bananas that are imperfect for sale and make them into banana snacks. Barnana aims to close the banana waste loop.

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Last Updated: April 2020

Our Standards

  • Zero Waste: Zero waste refers to effort to reduce waste through so that less trash is sent to landfill, incinerators or the ocean.
  • Healthy Living: We look for brands and products that not only use safer options and ingredients, but that promote your well-being and healthier lifestyle.
  • Sustainable Practice: Companies that focus on sustainable practice look at ways to not only reduce their negative environmental and social impact, but also find ways to continually innovate to better the environment and our life.
  • Vegan/Cruelty Free: Vegan items are not made with any animal by products and not tested on animals and cruelty free ensures no animal testing was conducted.
  • Verified: One of the best ways to ensure product and brand integrity is through third-party verifications that certify products, brands and companies meet the highest standards.
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Did you know?

  • About 56% of all food wasted in Latin America happens before ever reaching distribution (WRI) 
  • If food waste was represented as a country, it would be the third largest GHG emitter with a carbon footprint of about 3.3 billion tons of CO2 (UNEP)
  • Barnana has upcycled over 85 million bananas
  • Barnana has helped over 350 indigenous families in the Amazon become certified organic plantain growers

Brand Story

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Barnana was founded in 2010 by Caue Suplicy, Nik Ingersoll, and Matthew Clifford to share the dehydrated banana snacks Caue's father used to make in Brazil and reduce food waste. Barnana creates healthy snacks that are made with imperfect organic produce.

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