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Why We Support

Bureo is on a mission to fight against plastic pollution by collecting old fishing nets to be recycled into NetPlus® pellets that are turned into products like skateboards, chairs, and sunglasses.

Zero Waste
Sustainable Practice

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Bureo is committed to find innovative solutions to prevent ocean plastic. Bureo prevents harmful materials from entering the oceans by supporting programs that protect wildlife and support local fishing communities through financial incentives.

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Last Updated: April 2020

Our Standards

  • Zero Waste: Zero waste refers to effort to reduce waste through so that less trash is sent to landfill, incinerators or the ocean.
  • Sustainable Practice: Companies that focus on sustainable practice look at ways to not only reduce their negative environmental and social impact, but also find ways to continually innovate to better the environment and our life.
  • Verified: One of the best ways to ensure product and brand integrity is through third-party verifications that certify products, brands and companies meet the highest standards.
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Did you know?

  • 8 million tons of plastic end up in the world's oceans every year (UNEP)
  • Discarded fishing nets make up around 10% of plastic in the ocean
  • Since 2013, Bureo has collected over 365,000 kg of NetPlus® materials
  • Bureo is a partner company with Tin Shed Ventures®, Patagonia's venture capital fund

Brand Story

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Bureo was founded in 2013 to lead the global fight against plastic pollution. Bureo's team is passionate about surfing and dedicated to making a difference by inspiring others to protect our oceans. Bureo's Net Positiva initiative provides fishermen with fishnet disposal points which are then recycled to create products like skateboards.

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