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Why We Support

Imperfect Produce is on a mission to reduce food waste by delivering vegetables and fruits that do not meet the strict cosmetic standards of grocery stores in the US.

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Imperfect Produce sources ugly looking fruits and vegetables and sell them to consumers for up to 30% less than prices at supermarket chains. This helps farmers to sell them and make money while also reduce food waste.

Featured Image, Photo, Source: Misfit Market
Last Updated: April 2020

Our Standards

  • Zero Waste: Zero waste refers to effort to reduce waste through responsible production, consumption, reuse, upcycle, recycle, recovery of products, packaging and material used so that less trash is sent to landfill, incinerators or the ocean.
  • Empower Others: We look for brands that empower others providing opportunities for women, marginalized or under-served communities to live a better life.
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Did you know?

  • Almost half of all produce harvested in the United States are thrown away, simply because they do not look pretty enough to sell in grocery stories
  • It is actually natural that most natural produce look a bit 'weird' and 'ugly'.

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