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Why We Support

Theo Chocolate is on a mission to create a more beautiful, compassionate, and enduring world by responsibly making delicious and inspiring products for everyone. Theo works to be responsible throughout the value chain, working directly with suppliers to ensure high quality ingredients, fair prices, and agricultural training with the goal of supporting thriving, resilient communities.

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Theo is committed to equitable and transparent practices across the entire supply chain. Their ingredients are carefully selected and third party-verified to ensure they meet the highest standards for social and environmental responsibility. Theo partners with cocoa and ingredient sourcing partners to pay them a premium so they can have living incomes, with the goal of supporting thriving, resilient communities. Theo's own facilities are certified and audited every year along with their suppliers to ensure transparency and high standards.

Take a look at how Theo makes their chocolate by visiting their factory in Seattle. Book a factory experience or class here.

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Last Updated: April 2020

Our Standards

  • Sustainable Practice: Companies that focus on sustainable practice look at ways to not only reduce their negative environmental and social impact, but also find ways to continually innovate to better the environment and our life.
  • Empower Others: We look for brands that empower others providing opportunities for various communities to thrive through opportunities.
  • Gives Back: Gives back focuses on brands that demonstrate a philanthropic attitude and effort that gives back to society by supporting social and environmental causes.
  • Verified: One of the best ways to ensure product and brand integrity is through third-party verifications that certify products, brands and companies meet the highest standards.
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Did you know?

  • Deforestation is widespread in cocoa producing nations but fair trade certifications prohibit deforestation and requires buffer zones near water bodies and protected area (Fair Trade Certified)
  • Theo sourced 10,000 tons of cocoa from 10 different countries across Central and South America and Africa
  • In 2019, Theo price per metric ton of cocoa beans was 44% above conventional market prices and 14% above Fair-trade organic minimum prices
  • Theo supports over 5,500 cocoa farmers and their 30,000 family member

Brand Story

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Theo was founded in 2005 by Joe Whinney and Jeff Fairhall to invite people to discover a better world through chocolate. Whinney had experience supplying organic cocoa beans to the United States and he wanted to make a difference in farming communities he met. Whinney moved to Seattle and over two years developed the branding and built the factory where Theo Chocolate is made today.

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