August 18, 2020

Bettersoul's Favorite Apps for a More Sustainable Lifestyle

There are many opportunities to live more sustainably from how you manage your closet, to what you drink and eat, to the mail you receive. Here are some of our favorite phone apps to help make living sustainably a bit easier from your fingertips.

1. Save Your Wardrobe

Reconnect with Your Wardrobe

Price: Free

Save Your Wardrobe helps you digitize your wardrobe so you're conscious of the items you have and are able to make the most out of what you already own. Save Your Wardrobe will help you buy less and take better care of your items. The app also provides a range of service partners including eco dry cleaning, repairs, donations and responsible to help extend the life of clothing items.

Download on the Apple App Store

Source: Save Your Wardrobe

2. Tap

Search Engine for Water

Price: Free

Tap helps you find free water refill stations around the world so you don't have to buy plastic bottled water again. Tap currently has over 35,000 Refill Stations in 30 countries and 7,112 cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Austin, San Diego, Boston, Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax, Ottawa, Montreal, London, Sydney and more. Tap has saved over 36 million plastic bottles.

Download on the Apple App Store // Download on Google Play

Source: Tap

3. PaperKarma

Snap a photo. Stop junk mail.

Price: Free with In-App Purchases

Use PaperKarma to stop receiving unwanted junk mail. You can use the app to snap a picture of the unwanted junk mail and PaperKarma will work to unsubscribe you from their mailing list. PaperKarma reports that each year 77+ billion pieces of unwanted mail are delivered to US mailboxes and 44% of these mailing end up in the trash landfills unopened. Reducing the amount of unwanted mail you receive can help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Download on the Apple App Store // Download on Google Play

Source: PaperKarma

4. Too Good to Go: End Food Waste

Eat well, fight food waste

Price: Free

Every year, one-third of all food produced globally is sent to landfill. Too Good to Go helps reduce food waste by connecting users with local stores that have surplus food at a discount (prices range from £2 - £4). You can use the app to find a store, place your order, and then pick up your meal at the specified time. Through Too Good to Go, over 43 million meals have been saved.

Download on the Apple App Store // Download on Google Play

Source: Too Good to Go

5. ThredUP

Online Thrift Store

Price: Free

ThredUP is an online thrift store app that allows you to extend the lifespan of your items by selling or donating your clothes. You can also shop more responsibly by purchasing pre-loved items, helping divert clothing and accessories from going to landfill.

Download on the Apple App Store // Download on Google Play

Source: ThredUP

6. NoWaste - Food Inventory List

For freezer, fridge & pantry

Price: Free with In-App Purchases

NoWaste allows you to easily track, organize, and manage the food in your home so you can check what food you have left, see what food you need to use first, and plan out your meals. The app has useful features such as scanning barcodes and receipts to add food in seconds or sorting food by expiration date to help reduce food waste.

Download on the Apple App Store

Source: NoWaste

Featured Image: Unsplash

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